media delivery

1. Media Centers that you can embed anywhere or link to directly.
2. Mobile Apps for both iPhone and Android devices.
3. Podcast/RSS Feeds for syndication of your media files through iTunes and other RSS software.
4. Share through your social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram), and media platforms (YouTube, Vimeo)
5. Simulcast in real-time to Facebook Live and You Tube live.

1. Media Centers

Engaging your visitors, and encouraging their interaction, is as important online as it is within your facility.  For your visitors, we have combined Live & On-demand delivery with the interaction of visitor chat, and widespread sharing across social networks such as Facebook.  They can also take & save Notes within their visitor account, and create a list of favorite messages for future viewing. For more detailed information on the Media Center, keep reading!

2. Mobile Apps

You can create a custom mobile application that will contain only your media. Deliver your on-demand audio, video, PDF files, as well as your Live Broadcasts through your own iOS and Android Apps.

3. Podcast / RSS Feeds

Every Playlist that you create within your studio includes its own Podcast / RSS feed.  Use these RSS feeds to submit to Directories, such as iTunes...  and to provide access to your archived content through set-top devices such as Roku and Boxee.  You can also use these RSS feeds to create your own players through 3rd party software & widgets.