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Ministries: use the Sermon Studio for live broadcasts, audio delivey, video delivery, podcast/RSS feeds, mobile apps, and more!

Studio from Stream it Store it is your ALL IN ONE media solution for providing online access to Live & Scheduled Broadcasts - as well as archived/on-demand PDF, Audio, and Video content.

Your Studio is a self-contained, autonomous, broadcasting solution.  There are no ads, no directories, and no links to 3-rd party content. This is your safe, personal, and private media control center. That being said, Studio makes it easy to distribute your live and/or on-demand content to your social networks and ad/content platforms, if desired.

MEDIA MANAGEMENT is performed within your browser-based Studio.  

- Upload media to store/archive and deliver Audio, Video, and PDF documents through mobile-friendly players.  

- Perform Scheduled or real-time Live Broadcasts. Automatically archive the Live stream for future distribution.

- Each unique item (media file) in your archive is assigned to an Episode. You can then create unique Playlists for your different categories of Episodes/content. Your Studio can support an unlimited number of Playlists.

For MEDIA DELIVERY, assign your Playlists to Media Centers. The feature-rich and fully mobile responsive Media Centers can be embedded directly into your web sites, social media pages, or blogs. Or, you can link your audience directly to a specific Media Center, which can even serve as a stand-alone web presence, that you control (no ads, no other links/content).

The Episodes that are assigned to your Playlist(s)  are accessible through Podcast/RSS feeds, and Mobile Apps (for both iPhone and Android devices). You can even use your RSS feeds to create your own players through 3rd party software & widgets. Absolutely no advertising or external-linking will appear within your content. Studio's servers handle the storage and traffic.

Studio Dashboard
Sermon Studio: Live Broadcast, Archive and Deliver your Sermon audio & video (players, podcast / rss feeds, mobile apps)

Live and On-Demand delivery across multiple platforms...
Live Broadcast, Archive and Deliver your Sermon audio & video (players, podcast / rss feeds, mobile apps)